Champions League: Liverpool Vs Roma.

the-ball-sport-game-football-52504.jpegI agreed to watch a Champions League match between Liverpool and Roma. I had heard of Liverpool never heard of Roma.  I have been pushing myself to learn something each day and do things that are out of my comfort zone. This match is definitely out of my comfort zone; but we can make it work. I tossed and turned abit in my seat. I noticed that I was in the 30th minute. At this point I thought I would explode. I could not believe that I would need to sit in front of the screen for another 60 minutes. I kept imagining all the things that I could do in those 60 minutes, but I knew that watching that match was important for Charles and Joshua, although it is a replay.

In this match I learnt about a vigorous player called Mane. He had so many attempts to score; but he was very unsuccessful for most of the match. He finally scores in the second half. I think the lesson that he teaches me is teamwork. He squandered some opportunities in the first half. I hear he did not want to pass on the ball to others. “Salah is a team player. He is not like Mane who says, let me do it for myself.” Then there was this player called Salah whose attempts to score were phenomenal. Apparently, he was playing against his former team. He did not seem to rejoice much even after scoring his goals. I hear that he is referred to as, ‘the African hunter who never misses.’ In the 44th minute Salah scores a goal. The crowd goes absolutely wild.


The commentators say that the goal is completely sublime. I am more impressed with the expression. I am not too sure whether this would fit the category of complete sublimity in my mind. I have to watch the re-play to see him score. I had missed it. My eye was on the ball and not on the one who scored. One of those I am watching with says; “These Roma guys are regretting why they sold him.” I feel nothing for Liverpool; but I like the red uniform.

The support from the fans is phenomenal. The stadium is packed to capacity and the atmosphere is electric. I would go to a stadium like this one; maybe not for the match but for the opportunity to sing with others for 90 minutes. Firmino scores the 4th goal. I had heard his name during the game. He also makes a number of attempts to score. Those around me do not say anything interesting about him. He scores two goals in this match. Only that that assist was made by Salah. I imagined football was a safe sport but some of the incidences of tripping in this match look pretty serious. I have made it till the 67th minute and I am still here. It is not too bad after all. Maybe next time I will actually go to watch a match. I have never really belonged to a team. I have been with Arsenal because my brothers were Arsenal fans. My husband is also an Arsenal fan. I therefore became an Arsenal fan (Without watching any matches). Lately, I have not had many raving reviews about Arsenal apart from the welcome resignation of the Arsenal coach. Maybe I will just stick with Arsenal.


Salah leaves the stage in the 74th minute. The Italian fans look rather glum at this point. Roma finally scores 2 goals in the 80th and 84 minute as a result of a penalty. “Liverpool needs to practice for the next match, because Italian teams never give up till the end.” The Roma fans become animated. The Liverpool fans are biting their nails. The tension is tangible. The commentators are really amusing. They actually kept me entertained. Final score Liverpool- 5 and Roma-2.

Key Leadership Lessons

  1. The removal of Salah is not a good leadership decision. You should keep your best team player on the team for the long haul. His removal nearly cost Liverpool.
  2. Team work is critical in any great endeavor. It is impossible to win alone.
  3. Roma teaches us the essence of never giving up. “Its not over till its over.” This team could have given up; but they press on till the end.
  4. There will always be more watching the action. The cloud of witnesses exists not only in football but in everything that leaders do.
  5. Leaders should never neglect the media. The media is good at shaping the narrative. The commentators during the match and those around me; shape my world view of the football match significantly.

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