Never Stop Learning!

red heart on a old opened book
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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford.

Today, I was reflecting on learning. I have so many books by my bedside; on my laptop at work, in my laptop bag, in my handbag and on my mobile phone. I am surrounded by books. That I would be surrounded by flowers; but alas! I really love books. I may not read all of them at once; but I am happy to have them around me. There is so much I have learnt as I have exposed myself to the information printed on the pages of books. I have been to places that I have never seen with the physical eye, gleaned wisdom and improved my vocabulary tremendously just by taking the time to read.

Some books have warned me; armed me and shielded me from trouble. Others have made me cry, laugh and think about the plight of others. There was a time I became disillusioned wondering whether my love for books was worth that amount of affection. My life did not seem to be significantly different from others who did not read us as much. However, over the years, I have realised that mental and intellectual growth is gradual. The results of some practices only become apparent over time. Think of your mind as a tree; and reading as the nutrients for the tree. You will only be able to bear fruit; after adequate nutrition, in and out of season. Your mind could also be likened to a muscle. Reading is what builds up this muscle. The more you read; the stronger your muscle will be. Neglecting the habit of reading will produce the opposite result.

Its important to pick the right kind of books though; Remember the wise old adage; “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Garbage will make you and those around you sick. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and keep on learning. I hope you will too. Keep reading. Reading is cool!



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