5 Ways to Manage Difficult Businesses

An associate of mine has been running their family businesses consisting of a restaurants and salons for about 3 years. It has been a challenging period for him and he is frustrated and often he feels like giving up. His complaints are all to familiar with people in his line of business in Uganda. There is little loyalty from hair dressers, barbers, chefs and waiters and waitresses. They often resign on the day they get paid or simply disappear only to be found working for another restaurant or salon. Theft is high and this often leaves him having to micro manage his staff. His question to me was, how can I have a well-run organization like those in leadership books we often read about? The truth is there is no easy formula but here is my advice.

difficult business image 1

  1. Have strong systems of accountability.

When it comes to stock management, my experience…

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