Tribute to 3 of Africa’s Greatest Female Leaders

One of my previous blog posts was a biography of 3 great leaders I had never met; I had learned a lot about them through leadership literature. I promised to write about some great female leaders that I had come across in life’s journey on another blog. One is a mentor, another is a peer, while the last is younger than I.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to honor 3 great female leaders that I have walked with for a number of years. These leaders are beautiful pearls thrown along life's paths especially for me.

Priscilla Mirembe Serukka is a servant leader. She leads by example. I first met Priscilla in 2016 through Stromme Foundation- East Africa. I immediately noted that she was warm, compassionate and intelligent. She can also be strict when it is required. What immediately struck me was her impeccable time keeping skills. Priscilla would be in office early ready to walk into the board room for devotions before anyone else. In the absence of leadership on some mornings; she would gladly pitch in. I enjoyed being on her team because I knew she would pitch in whenever, any of us did not have anything to share.

Priscilla has taught me that it is possible to build enduring systems and great teams. She built great systems by surrounding herself with system builders while ensuring that she is not above organisational systems. This stood out for me because I had worked with some leaders who were happy to flaunt systems as long as it suited their own whims. She also showed me that it was possible for African women to actually lead a regional organisation effectively.

In 2009, I worked with another leader called Diana Asiimwe Bena. Although we were peers, it was not difficult for me to work with her because she is a servant leader. Diana is fiercely loyal. She is also a woman of integrity. I really appreciated her leadership style and attention to detail. Our unit operated like a close knit family. We all knew our tasks and did our best to deliver on each of the tasks. She celebrated her team, for the contribution that each of them made to the whole. I really flourished under her supervison.Our team is still in touch to this day.

Martha Mwesiga Bbosa. Martha is younger than I. She ably represents all my sisters.I have many great sisters. All my sisters are truly amazing!!!! Martha, has demonstrated her leadership over the years by her willingness to look out for the needs of those around her. She will check on her siblings who live near and far. She will check on her parents regularly. She will share their farm produce with friends and family and follow up on her neices and nephews consistently. Her leadership is characterised by great generosity, a sense of humor and forthrightness. She is the source of fire in the family chats:) She has the ability to articulate issues that I only think about; but would never have the boldness to say; atleast not in the way that she says them.

One thread that I see through the lives of all these great leaders is their walk with God, love for neighbors and great generosity. Who would you like to honor? No one is perfect. Nevetheless, Visit them, Pick up the phone, a pen, a rose, a box of choclate hint hint. Let them know!

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