Super Excited that the paper back edition and electronic version of the “Conversations on Leadership for Young People,” is live in the Amazon Store. I would never have made it without an amazing editor. Thank you Ary Otiti. #youngpeople#leadership#book#amazon#paperback

Individuals and institutions are grappling with leadership challenges especially among emerging leaders in Africa. There is a leadership crisis. Is there a way to share leadership concepts in an easy step by step process that is not daunting? “ This simple book can show you how.

“Conversations on Leadership For Young People,” will take the reader through discussions held between a leader and mentee while seamlessly imparting proven leadership principles that are easy to emulate and cascade in every area of life. 12 principles will highlight some of the attitudes that would significantly increase the efficiency of any leader through the day to day illustrations and reflection questions.

Leadership is critical. Leadership will either build or break any endeavour. Early adoption of key leadership principles is key. This is the tool that you will need to peek your individual or team potential.

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