Stand Not At Closed Doors

close up door golden keyhole
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Afew years ago, my email account was giving me trouble. This happened at a time when I was transitioning between jobs. In my mind; email was my life line. I felt that I would miss opportunities because of the challenges I was experiencing with this delivery mechanism. Apparently, I had run out of storage space. I had saved a number of work related material on my google drive account. As a result of this hiccup; I had to make a decision to delete what I did not need. I had to read through many of my old emails to delete some mail from previous years.

I came across many email inquiries and regrets for job and study opportunities. I remembered my emotions at the time. I always felt crushed when I received emails telling me that I could not get into a particular course, school or training opportunity. I felt inadequate and exhausted because some of the application requirements were demanding and time consuming. As I continued to read through some of the applications; It suddenly dawned on me that many of those training opportunities and work stations would have been totally useless for my career path today. All I feel when I look at some of those emails is pure boredom precisely because, I am now thoroughly uninterested in some of those openings that I was dying to have.

Lesson for the day: Do not fret when some doors remain un-opened for you, particularly when you have done all that you can do. Rejoice when God closes some doors.  Trust Him. Do not build a little shed at the door waiting for it to open. Sometimes we stay at closed doors too long. Do not try to use your shoulder to badge in. Many times, closed doors are for your benefit. Be sensitive to the changing seasons and the closed doors in your life. Fret not. Pray about it and Move On.

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