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I had the privilege of spending two days in the Transform 2018 Leadership Conference organized by Worship Harvest Ministries and its ministry partners.  The theme for this conference was, “Multiplying Influence.” I appreciated the level of organizational excellence and partnership demonstrated throughout the leadership gathering.  A number of lessons stood out for me which I have attempted to share in the blog post below. My greatest desire is that the lessons shared in this blog; will add value to your own leadership journey.

On Teams

  • The state of your team is a function of you, not of them. If you do not like the state of your team, look at yourself.
  • David killed a giant and raised giant killers. Part of Davids legacy is that he did not kill any other giants apart from Goliath. He raised Giant Killers who took care of business. 2 Samuel 21:15-22

On building Teams

Focus on a few and through them reach many.

  1. Identify your Peter, James, and John. Your intensity must be on Peter, James, and John. In your leadership space; Who are you developing?
  2. In addition to your Peter, James, and John; Stay connected to your 4 friends. These are friends who will have your back no matter what. You need 4 friends who will carry you to Jesus whether you are sick or in sin and stand by you no matter what.
  3. The reward of ministry well done is more ministry to do.
  4. Identify and Train your replacement as soon as you can.

Tips on Who to develop

Only develop those leaders who will bring you CASH.

C– Character: Character is who you are when no one is looking. Character gaps must be noticed and addressed.

A– Attitude: Attitude is the way you react when the unexpected happens

S– Skill: Skill is what you do with what you have been given. Leadership Skill involves: Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Development

H– Habits: Habit is your default behavior. The thing you fall back to when hard times come.

NB: Jesus spent more time on character and attitude than on skill and habits. The only skill he taught was prayer. Every leader is encouraged to focus more on working with people with great character and attitude.

The Bible is a method book, not only the message book. Therefore, watch your thoughts they become words. Watch our words, they become actions. Watch our actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes destiny.

Tips on How to Train Leaders

  • Pray about finding who to develop, Present Vision and Train. Focus your efforts on Very Important People and Very Trainable People. The Very Trainable People will focus on your Very Nice People and Very Draining People.
  • The people you have identified need to know that you are focusing on them. Communicate the vision clearly.
  • Spend time with the people you training.
  • Know bandwidth of influence. Generally, this would be 5 Years Older or 15 Years Younger.
  • Character must develop in me if I want it for them. “If you want them to bleed, you must hemorrhage.
  • There is a tendency to be too grandiose. Leaders desire to grow too quickly too fast. We need to be careful about trying to be bigger too fast.
  • You make it better and then they will make it bigger. A bigger church or organization, which does a poor job will not be helpful to anyone.

Tips on  Leadership Transition

  • There is no success without a successor
  • The easiest way to grow is to raise other leaders
  • When you raise successors, you grow
  • Raising successors increases the capacity of the vision
  • Raising successors ensures the continuity of what you began
  • Raising successor gives glory where it belongs.

Priorities of Healthy Leaders

  • Design your days to align to His Ways. Start the day right. Seek direction from the Leader (God, Your Maker).
  • Do not run like a man running without an aim. Do not fight like a man beating the air.
  • Leaders are to be stewards of the choices they make. A man was not created for systems. Systems were created for man.
  • One of the chronic characteristics of an unhealthy leader is that they become too busy.
  • Our values must be tagged to our obedience. If you want a joyful marriage, be committed to the conversation and courting time. If you want a loving family, be committed to outings, devotions and meal times together.
  • Focus on important matters or they become urgent matters; leading to a season of burn out if the pace does not change.
  • Important priorities must be CHOSEN and SCHEDULED.
  • Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.
  • Be careful then how you live, not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.
  • Up your level of intentionality.

4 Maintenance Habits for Leaders

  1. Dump-Learn to Just Let Go
  2. Delegate- Let other people do it
  3. Delay- Let us listen some more
  4. Do- Let get going with what we need to focus on.

NB: The way you practice is the way you will perform. We need to get rid of bad habits so that we can become better tools. Always remember that a need does not necessarily constitute a call. You are either a  Truth Teller or a Grace Giver. Our Weakness is our strength in overdrive.

Characteristics of Influencers

  1. Influencers are passionate. They truly believe in the cause.
  2. Influencers are authentic. They are the same in the dark and in the light.
  3. Influencers are committed and consistent.
  4. They are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.
  5. They have courage. They get into a situation in spite of the fear within.
  6. They have tact (Skill and Sensitivity). Tact has its root in wisdom.

I had some reflections and action points which I hope to be working on in the times ahead. Here are just a few questions which you can work on to enhance your own leadership development trajectory.

4 Reflection Questions for us to work on

  • As a leader, What Kind of Christian/ Leader am I deploying in the world?
  • What kind of Church/ organization makes that kind of a Christian/Leader?
  • What kind of Leader makes that kind of Church/ Organization?
  • What needs to happen in my life in order become that kind of Leader?


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