A Leaders’ Fragrance




The word fragrance; brings happy thoughts to mind. It spontaneously reminds me of scents and perfume.  I love the different scents and appreciate their ability to tantalize the nostrils. Many ancient perfumes were made by extracting natural oils from plants through pressing and steaming. The oil was then burned to scent the air. Some are flowery, some are spicy and in my mind; some are classified as oriental. I do not like those ones too much. I find them too over-powering and tend to go for more subtle blends. Flowers, grass, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gums, and animal secretions are some of the ingredients of natural fragrances.

cinnamon-cinnamon-stick-rod-kitchen-71128.jpegExcellent ingredients will produce excellent fragrances. In the second book of Corinthians in the second chapter and fourteenth verse, we are reminded that God through us diffuses the FRAGRANCE of his knowledge in every place. This presupposes that everyone is a fragrance giving off a different fragrance according to the chemical composition of the blend they represent. For the sake of this post, I will assume that everyone represents a particular blend. Some perfumes are simply divine. Others are repugnant. Others will give you a headache immediately you come into contact with them probably because of their intricate make up or DNA and your intricate make up and DNA.  

Leaders represent different fragrances or scents. Each leader will diffuse a particular scent that may be appreciated or abhorred. I have realized that sometimes, we may not be aware of fragrance that we are carrying around, probably because we do not take the time to get feedback from our peers, or leaders and those who follow us, to find out whether we are still sweet-smelling. Other times we allow ourselves to get so consumed with what we are doing that we do not take time off to seek re-alignment, to refresh and re-charge.

pexels-photo-338351.jpegAre we a joy to be around? Or are we grumpy and grouchy? Are we thankful and optimistic? Or are our complaints and pessimism visible from a mile away? Do we give comfort and encouragement? Or do we whine and gripe so much that we always change the atmosphere in our rooms. Thankfully, it is possible to change the fragrance of  the next batch of perfume; by using a different set of ingredients for the blend in the next production process. It begins with awareness of the fragrance that we are. Only then will we be able to pick up new ingredients for a better fragrance. What kind of fragrance am I? What kind of fragrance are you? When people come into contact with us; what fragrance do we release?





5 thoughts on “A Leaders’ Fragrance”

  1. Great stuff! I once applied a nice perfume, and my friend exclaimed, “You smell nice!” I knew the next question would be, “what kind is it and where did you buy it?”
    Part of the deal here is to hang around leaders with noticeable good fragrance,ask what kind it is and where they found it! You may start with the cheapest version of the original,but aim for the real brand that works from the inside out!

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    1. You know what, I had not even thought of that angle.. Yes it is important to start with what you can afford step by step. Start with the imitation. One day, you will be able to afford the original. The great thing for us is that imitating Christ is the original.. we never need to struggle with the imitations. Whenever we are squeezed, original can come out at any time..


  2. So thought provoking. A call to self-awareness even as we rely on the only source of sweet ingredients, the one described by psalm 23 ” He anoints my head with oil and my cup runs over”

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