The Power of Connection

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I was blessed with a budding relationship with God early in life. Sometimes, I think He got me early because I was really naughty. He must have said to himself, “If I do not get this one now, she will not make it.” I soon got involved in all kinds of ministry activities and spent much of my time running from meeting to meeting or attending one fellowship after another. This continued throughout my high school days into my university and earlier career days. After a while, I moved church to a new congregation which did not really know me and got swallowed up by the crunch of corporate existence. As a result, I stopped going to small weekly group meetings or cell groups because I felt that I could not add one more meeting to my busy schedule.

I rationalized that my job, volunteer opportunities in other organizations or associations, school, children, maintaining home and family relationships and relationships in my community was heavy enough. No amount of cajoling would take me to these mid-week meetings. I only went once in a while for a specific series or to accompany a colleague who managed to take me to her church weekly meetings a couple of times, for a specific series. In my defense, I had opened my home to host a Life Group once; but it did not go well. I was traveling a great and was not always available; plus the traffic in the evenings was horrendous. On some days, cell members were not readily available.

Anyway, I joined a cell or life group a few months ago. It came at a time when all my week evenings were scheduled with children’s activities. I was still working full time and still traveling a lot while working on a number of projects but decided to put aside this time to be still. A meeting is typically spent reviewing the message for that week through a guide received by the leader, sharing lessons and experiences, praying for each other and sharing a simple meal. The members of this cell group were warm and open. I immediately felt at home. Although these meetings ended late some days, I noticed that I was so refreshed at the end of these meetings. They are now an important part of my weekly schedule. In this group, I have found an opportunity to reflect in the middle of the week and a place where I can connect with others to walk this journey of faith. Do not get me wrong; none of the members is perfect, they will be the first to admit their weaknesses. Nevertheless, I have been greatly encouraged through these Wednesday weekly evening meetings.

It is important to stay connected to others meaningfully. Life Groups, or Cell Groups or whatever they are called in your setting are an opportunity for you to share life and grow in community. A person who is isolated can easily be annihilated. Stay connected to others so that you can stay vibrant. Hot charcoal that is removed from the charcoal stove, will cool down much faster than the charcoal that is rubbing shoulders with other pieces of charcoal in the same stove. I will conclude this narrative with the words from Hebrews 10: 25 which says, Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another and all the more, as you see the day approaching.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Connection”

  1. So true. We should not give up on the habit of meeting. I have had my cell family check up on me in moments when I needed them the most. They are givers of their time and resources and I can’t thank God enough for their friendship.


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